Up Close with Rick Sharp

Up Close with Rick Sharp

(Interviewed on January 19, 2005)

Genre: Outlaw Country

PC: When did you begin your music career?

RS: My Dad tried to start me at three years old, but I didn’t catch on ’till I was about eleven…we used to play dances at old rural school houses, or just have some folks over for cake, coffee and music. I miss those days…I guess that’s where I got my Traditional Country roots.

PC: Who are your main musical influences?

RS: Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Lefty Frizzell, George Jones, Carl Smith, and so on…to me the old country is the best.

PC: Where can someone get a copy of your CD’s?

RS: I’ve got music on demand at my website, http://www.ricksharpcountry.com/ , or you can also order the hard copy there. And you can find it in some stores.

PC: If you had to pick a couple of songs you have written or recorded that you are most proud of, what would they be and why?

RS: Well, there’s a song on my latest CD called “Let the Children Play”…I think it has a strong message for us concerning divorce and children, sometimes they are the ones that pay the biggest price. Also the song, “In A Town He Helped Build, They Don’t Remember His Name”…there are so many people who have done so much for Country Music, but you never hear their music on the radio or at the award ceremonies…I think new country could take some direction from the old ones…It used to mean something to be a Country Artist, there was a certain way they carried themselves, a certain way they acted…Nowadays there is such a radical attitude that has been brought to the table, it turns me off, and believe me, it’s not easy to do that! I guess the thang is, I remember when I could let my kids watch CMT and not worry about content.

PC: Where would you like to be in five years?

RS: Wherever this old road takes me…I just get up every day and do what is put in front of me, and I’ve been very blessed to be able to do what I love and keep the kids fed at the same time. I try not to put a lot of expectations on this business, just rollin’ along on this path is good for me, I guess I’d like to get there, but I sure don’t want to miss the journey.

PC: Do you have a preference when it comes to playing, whether it’s acoustic or electric?

RS: Electric is my thang…amps and electric guitars have always fascinated me, from watching the tubes on my Dad’s amp slowly light up to actually playing different guitars and amp to get different sounds, different moods.

PC: What’s your fondest career memory so far?

RS: My Gosh, there are some many things…I would say the tour of Scandinavia in 2002 with Universal Sound Records is right up there at the top of the list, meeting so many new people was truly and wonderful experience!…And doing the video with Travis Tritt was a hoot!

PC: If you could do an duet with anyone who would that be and why?

RS: Probably Willie Nelson, I’d sure like to do some of the old Outlaw tunes with him…I do love to do Waylon’s music! They had some magic going’ on back then, something that will never happen again, I’m afraid.

PC: If not for music, what would you be doing as an career?

RS: The computer really intrigues me, it’s the closest thing to a guitar I know of…no matter how much you learn about it, there’s always another lesson down the road. I really enjoy building websites, it’s similar to creating music.

PC: What CD would be found in your CD player right now?

RS: If I’m not critiquing my own music, you can bet there will be OLD COUNTRY in there…or maybe a steel guitar or guitar instrumental CD.