Rick Sharp was born in Emmett, Idaho to a family full of musical talent. At the age of 3, Rick began his recording career on the family’s old reel-to-reel recorder and according to Rick, it began an experience he truly enjoys until this very day.

When Rick was 10 years old, his family moved to Northwest Oklahoma, where he lived and performed with the guidance of his father Ted, also an oustanding country singer accomplished musician. Rick played his first gig on a plastic Futaphone and then moved on to sax at the monthly jam where he caught the “Guitar Bug”, when he got to hold a Stratocaster. He wound up with a Silvertone Hornet and by the age of 14 was an accomplished guitar player and has kept getting better and better. His guitar savvy rapidly became a feature with his dad’s band, ” Ted Sharp and the String Busters ” And after paying his dues in his youth with them Rick struck out on his own to take his music to the road.

There on the road he began playing and singing throughout Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas. Rick then joined a band, “The Bandits”, in Nashville, TN and it turned out this important move allowed Rick to expand by touring many of the 48 states. His name and accomplishments were growing, and as fate would have it, he developed his now famous “Outlaw” style and heart that his fans have grown to love today.

Rick landed several dates at the legendary “Reo Palm Isle” in Longview, Texas and this proved to be a golden opportunity for exposure as he opened shows for Mel Tillis, Keith Whitley, and Willie Nelson. Rick’s guitar and rich Baritone vocals were now in demand and he opened for Ricky Van Shelton, Johnny Rodriguez, David Frizzell, Tony Douglas, Freddie Fender and Rodney Crowell and even more. During this time is when he began to shine like the star he truly is.

Rick is managed by Walter Haynes Productions, and is now living the beautiful Smoky Mountains where he is performing his material and doing his Tribute to Waylon Jennings, in Pigeon Forge and venues across the country. And in the last two years Rick has become quite popular in Europe. He has signed with Universal Sound Records, and is looking forward to doing extensive touring in Europe, Australia and worldwide.

Most of all he loves his family and recently stated, ” my real drive is my family, they give me so much support and it would be nice to give them anything they wanted, but I am truly blessed to be able to do what I love and give them everything they need” No matter what Rick has done in his life, it seems his strong roots in music have always led the way to a path in life devoted to his family and country music.